Guingueta BCN

Regarding placing a towel and an umbrella or profiting from the shadow casted by a tree as the minimum strategies to occupy a natural area such as a beach or park, our proposal reduces to this basic idea of only providing a floor and a roof. Doing this we avoid interrupting the horizon line and enhance the relationship with the site.  At the same time our stall is no longer understood as a defined object as its limits fade. Thanks to a modulated system based on the hexagon this floor and roof are able to grow independently and adapt to the emplacement. Organic shapes can occur when adapting to natural features in a park where the perimeter of the roof is blended into the line drawn by the tree crowns, while more compact shapes respond to specific needs in a beach where the roof perimeter encloses the space acting like umbrellas. Compared to the present Barcelona stall, the system reduces the amount of transported empty space, and is able to provide the same storage volume and useful area with less material, so it is more efficient. Considering this and the fact that solar panels are implemented on the roof we meet the sustainability goals fixed from a start