Hotel Cape Verde

The project presented a great deal when considering the size of the suggested hotel compared to nearby villages. Identifying that the greater infrastructure to be built was the area for public purposes the project presents a room typology that provides public open space itself and a booking system that provides flexible arrangements. These arrangements would meet group needs and create relation spaces in which the life of the hotel would happen. The system used is based on traditional Cape Verde constructions and provides shelter from sun and floods the two main climatic agents to be considered in such a tropical area.  The chosen typology also enables the possibility to develop the hotel gradually in different stages, which would avoid unnecessary constructions and can help to preserve the nature of the area.cape verde, hotel, competition, cabo verde, x+x, architecture, xplusx, arquitectura, sustainability,  cape verde, cabo verde, architecture, sustainability, competition, architecture, arquitectura, x+x, xplusx