VHOM Vienna House Of Music

After the Viena wall falls the city physical limits break down, this leads it to experience a change from contention to dispersion. The void now is what defines space, and a new building typology appears respond to the sociological needs of the Vienna golden age. In the same way our building comes up with a solution linked to society of our times by inverting the Ringstrase typology. The relation with public space changes form exclusive to inclusive while maintaining the iconic representative and powerful image required. Background (park) and figure (building) blend into each other as in Klimt’s work by the dissolution of its limit thanks to its irregular shape and intermediate spaces. As in the Vienna secession the buildings tries to express in a universal language by showing itself uncovered by any king of wrap or ornaments. The big auditorium is suspended by society (audience) and academy (the music school) and this become the two paths to reach the auditory.