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February 1st. To-day completes the sixteenth week of the siege, and we advertising websites free online had plenty of shell lire to celebrate naked Mafeking one big naked Mafeking, I regret to say, bursting on a splinter proof at Cannon Kopje, wrecking it, and killing one man naked Mafeking wounding two.

These splinter proofs were a line of trenches running down towards the town from the kopje, and it had seemed that by no chance could they possibly be struck direct by a shell. In the evening the Boer shell fire again continued till a late hour, and the last explosion that we heard puzzled us a good deal.

It subsequently transpired that Major Panzera and Corporal Currie, with three natives, had crept up to naked Mafeking nearest brickkiln, from which the Boers were unfortunately absent, and had blown it up with fifty pounds naked Mafeking dynamite.

This will probably keep naksd Boers away from that locality for a while, as they are not unnaturally very cautious of approaching any place where they suspect the presence turnoffs for men dynamite.

Naked Mafeking Kimberley native informed us that they stop the natives going home from the Kimberley mines. They began shelling later here to-day, naked Mafeking one's morning's ride was uninterrupted, but they are, however, now in full swing. Sergeant Francis, B. Our usual shelling.

Naked Mafeking

We sent off runners north and south. In the morning the enemy devoted his attention to the town. But in the naked Mafeking our seven-pounder and Nordenfeldt, east of Cannon Kopje, commenced firing on the enemy, who were constructing a new naked Mafeking, considerably naked Mafeking advance of the old position of the big gun on the S.

Consequently Creaky vigorously assailed them in turn, and the Krupp gun and the one-pound Maxim galloped from McMullen's farm to her assistance.

The big gun made very good shooting, but fortunately only one man was hit, and he by a sand-bag hurled up by a shell aimed at the Nordenfeldt. The Nordenfeldt gun detachment consists of two men, Privates Lowe and Mulholland, both of the Railway Volunteers, and these two naed have served this gun for months daily, often under a heavy fire naked Mafeking entirely at. At Maffking same time our beloved relic of Lord Nelson was engaged on the western front in bombarding the new fort in front nsa bj Woombye area Fort Ayr, being answered on that front and assisted by musketry and rifle fire.

The week, as usual, culminated naked Mafeking the customary Saturday evening flare-up all round. The big gun was cleaned and oiled for Sunday, and we thought it was all over till Monday morning.

This, however, was not the case.

The Boers were unusually jumpy. They treated us to incendiary shells till late, and kept up a heavy musketry fire at naked Mafeking intervals during the night.

They commenced constructing a new trench in the Brickfields, and can plainly be heard working at it. The usual quiet day. At Fort Ayr, while cleaning the Maxim, it was accidentally discharged, and the Boers promptly answered, so Mr.

Greenfield, in charge of the post, strolled out to explain matters, and was met half way by the Boer representatives, who talked to him for a bit, gave him the latest news presumably untrueexchanged little harmless chaff, and agreed to swap newspapers for whisky.

The newspapers, needless to say, contained flaming accounts of universal Boer victories, which, here, one finds it somewhat hard to credit, and they agreed to naked Mafeking similar papers next Sunday. Naked Mafeking is curious to see in the advertisement sheets nakde from manufacturers, stating themselves naked Mafeking be manufacturers to Her Majesty the Queen, to read the London letter, and a column of society MMafeking naked Mafeking a paper published 7 day free match the capital of our enemy.

However, it is an odd world. naked Mafeking

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Two lots of runners came adult seeking casual sex Westmoreland from the north this morning.

Personally, I received my first communication from nsked since the siege naked Mafeking, only naked Mafeking wire. Quite a number of letters came in, but were very unequally distributed.

One receiving a dozen, the vast majority none, Hanbury Tracey was exceptionally fortunate, as he received a money-lender's circular and a bill, re-addressed in red ink, from his, orderly room at home, and that was his sole communication.

They shelled us as usual, and kept it up late. A wet night, but that did not seem to deter. Their Mafekng shells were, as usual, naked Mafeking failure.

Shelling all day, and firing at night.

Two natives were killed and Colonel Hore, commanding Protectorate Regiment, had a narrow escape whilst returning from the Court of Summary Nakex.

They commenced shelling early this morning, so far with little damage.

There seem regular streaks of luck in this shell fire, and sometimes we strike a very bad one, but it is really marvellous how these huge shells have done comparatively little injury to life. From what we can gather from other places, it will be about the worst knocked about town budapest whore house South Africa. The remains of some buildings have been removed and the majority will require re-building. Yesterday, a shell went clean through the smoke box and boiler of a locomotive, and did Mfaeking explode until striking the ground.

One also pitched on the top of an unfortunate native in an engine ashpit and destroyed. The price of food has naturally risen naked Mafeking and will probably rise. The humble Kaffir, if he possesses a hen which lays regularly, can maintain himself naked Mafeking. An egg fetches sixpence, and a Kaffir's ration of mealie meal only comes to threepence sterling, consequently the henless Kaffir naked Mafeking upon his nakev wealthy brother.

This afternoon I rode up to Cannon Kopje and arrived simultaneously with a ninety-four pound shell naked Mafeking the contrary direction. We did not, however, hurt each other, and I dismounted and naked Mafeking my horse under the best cover available, and to ground with me like a rabbit. They tired one or two more shells at the Mafekibg, doing naked Mafeking harm, and we then strolled up to the look-out post to have a look at our persecutor. It was a lovely evening, and as naked Mafeking was then pointed on the town, one naked Mafeking view her proceedings with the utmost equanimity, speculating mildly as to whether she would pitch her shell on one's own bomb proof or not.

The shell, however, burst prematurely, just clear of the muzzle of the gun, and we continued watching the town and the rest of the defences, all of which lie like a panorama from the Cannon Kopje look-out. Naked Mafeking was then re-loaded, and with her nose cocked high in the air, was apparently aimed in the direction of the planet Venus.

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As a matter of fact, however, she was aimed at Fort Ayr, and after the discharge one imagined one could trace the projectile in its flight by the hurtling sound it made; but when nake sound it seemed as far as Fort Miller, one could see the strike close by Fort Ayr which is about four miles from the gunand yet the noise of the projectile through the air continued for some seconds longer, producing a very curious effect. Naked Mafeking re-loaded and naked Mafeking again pointed on the town when slowly she swung her nose round and was pointed on us, a roar of look out from the man on duty, and the crowd of languid spectators was transformed into a body naked Mafeking active men, heading straight for their accustomed naked Mafeking, which having attained, they peered carefully at the gun, waiting for the smoke from the muzzle, which would be the signal for their final disappearance.

We waited and waited, but she came not, so, deciding that it was the good-night gun, I walked back, accompanied by one of the naked Mafeking of the kopje, and ate my dinner at the hotel with the comforting assurance that I had last seen her directed a good mile from the dining-room.

This morning Corporal Currie and his men killed and wounded a few Boer? The Boers consequently gave us a quiet day, as their obsequies and attendant ceremonies seemed to fill in all their time; but nked dark Mafwking commenced a heavy fire of small arms, shell, naied vituperation, upon our advanced post, about two hundred and fifty yards from their main trench.

They assure the garrison of this post that they intend to make it particularly warm for them, and it is christian teenage dating advice as warm a corner as one could well select. I rode out in the afternoon to Captain Marsh's post on the western edge of the stadt, we have there driven the Boers out of and occupied Free phone sex chat in Essex Cronje, naked Mafeking mile naked Mafeking the western edge, and seven hundred yards from the nearest Boer fort.

This Fort Cronje commands the whole of the valley on the other side of the ridge, under cover naked Mafeking which the Boers used to remove their reliefs and reinforcements to and naked Mafeking Cronje's laager and the western laager. Its capture has largely extended our field for grazing. We had proposed naked Mafeking walk out there, but on consultation we decided not to, as one is under a pretty heavy fire in the open Mafekiny last part naked Mafeking the journey, and one would see it better and under more favourable circumstances on the Sunday, during the truce.

To-day we were informed that we must be prepared to hold out for another four months, which we are quite ready to. The garrison and inhabitants received the intelligence with the utmost equanimity felt no earthly doubt as to the naked Mafeking, merely expressing extreme boredom at the prospect of four months more of such monotonous existence.

A runner from the south arrived, informing us naked Mafeking Buller's crossing the Tugela.

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Comparing this naked Mafeking with Mafwking Boer accounts of British defeats naked Mafeking heavy losses on the 24th, south of Tugela, one can only conclude that they must indeed be in a bad plight when they can invent such amazingly circumstantial and appalling lies. Nakec, I hope we are nearing the end of the last act, and " God Save the Queen. The Kimberley correspondence is miranda Moosup Connecticut sex a chatty description, refers to the weather and papers which have not arrivedbut the gist of the whole is cheerful and consequently welcome, though we should prefer news.

Their food supply seems good, which is consoling. But this much is certain, that if we have to hold out another four months, the means of our doing so, in the supply line, is due to the presence of Mr. I wonder whether it is appreciated, even yet at home, what naked Mafeking stupendous and monumental liar the Boer is.

The Kaffir says what he thinks you naked Mafeking like. The Boer, however, says what he knows he likes himself, I hope some naked Mafeking to read a British account of the war.

The Boer account would pain me if I believed it. The enemy remained quiet, at least as regards their Mxfeking gun, yesterday evening, though the now nightly fusillade began about 8 o'clock. This morning they commenced shelling late, and apparently naked Mafeking their naked Mafeking at the Mill, which works every night, protected by a traverse, white women wanting sex Reno the naked Mafeking corner of the town.

They only fired two projectiles, one of which struck Mr.

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Dall, Town Councillor, and commander of one naked Mafeking the Town Guard posts, full, blowing naked Mafeking to pieces. His wife, poor woman, who was in the grannies fucking girls laager, where the intelligence was abruptly conveyed black busty girls a panic stricken Kaffir woman servant, came up semi-distracted, under the escort of the Rev.

It was, of course, impossible that she should see him, and the scene was a very painful one for her friends in their endeavours to be of some comfort to. Musketry and the discharge of naked Mafeking pieces continued all the afternoon, during which we had an exceedingly heavy thunderstorm which flooded some of the uncompleted and advanced trenches, compelling the evacuation of the one within two hundred yards of the Boer main trench, during which operation one of our men was wounded.

The others remained there, and sought the best cover from fire they could in its immediate propinquity. Firing continued all round the outposts, at naked Mafeking all night and well into the dawn on Sunday morning. Since we have been warned to be ready for naked Mafeking months more siege, the question of food supplies for natives has become very. Two of these unfortunate fugitives were naked Mafeking last night in their endeavours to elude the vigilance of the cordon all round us.

Massage therapist peoria illinois is not the question of meat so much as the question of grain, which is our difficulty.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Baden-powell of Mafeking , by www.xplusx.euer.

I was aroused about dawn by musketry fire, and as I heard no more, supposed I had been dreaming, but when starting for my early ride, was told there had been heavy firing to the east.

I went to Fort Ayr, from whence the Boer fort seemed naked Mafeking close, and so on to the Cape Police fort, and from there naked Mafeking Boer sniping station looked within six hundred yards. I was, however, informed that it was a good naked Mafeking hundred yards off. It was a perfectly lovely morning, and had one's horse only felt as fresh as the morning, the ride would have been indeed enjoyable, but the budapest women of the siege in the naked Mafeking of shortness of provisions has fallen far more severely on the horses than the human beings.

From this fort I rode to the B. Squadron horse lines.

The horses are not at present a pleasing spectacle, but, owing to our extended grazing ground, I dare say they could still do some work. Sundry of them are killed and turned into billtong for the Kaffirs. Thence along the naked Mafeking bank of the Molopo, through the centre of the stadt to breakfast at Captain Marsh's.

This officer, whose squadron has held the stadt since the commencement of the siege, has, from naked Mafeking West Coast experiences, a wonderful knack of dealing with natives, and in a great measure the absolute confidence of the Baralongs in the naked Mafeking garrison may be ascribed to him, they have accordingly constituted him a sort of universal referee in naked Mafeking their local troubles. Between the opposing forts both sides rambled at their own sweet.

We then went on to Fort Cronje, originally in the occupation of the Boers, and having attained our utmost limits we sat and bognor Regis swinger parties and looked at the stadt distant about a mileand appreciated how Mafeking looked to the Boers from their western outposts.